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Theatre in the classroom


fotoCitaNueva.jpg   My profession consists of telling stories to others… If there were no human beings near me, I would tell them to bits of wood, shreds of fabric, paper cuttings, tin or with anything that was in the world. If there was nothing, I would tell them out loud.
    Giorgio Strehler (Un Theatre pour la vie)


Theme channels aspiring to be an open communication channel in which reflection, exchanging glances and experiences  invites you to critically approach an aspect, a subject, an important topic within stage reality. A space that comes into being with the prospect of permanence, but also of change: it is seen as a mosaic of theme landscapes that are modelled over time.

Interviews, documents, reports, experiences, information…, will be the facets of each of these stage topics: at the moment, Miradas offers different materials to reflect on; Galería enables you to revise documents in order to better assess the situation and context; Aula abierta includes and offers useful proposals to sow the seed for the future of our stage.


Acciones de Documento
Colecciones digitales

Ofrecemos tres colecciones de documentos, audios, caricaturas y fotografías, de gran utilidad para los profesionales y estudiosos y también de un gran atractivo para todos los amantes de las artes escénicas.

Revista Digital de la Escena

Una síntesis de la múltiple realidad escénica en nuestro país. Una realidad contenida en fichas, fotografías, textos, enlaces y documentos audiovisuales que son resumen de cientos de horas de grabación donde plasmar con amplitud el panorama teatral español.

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