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What is our user card used for?

If you wish to access any of the basic services offered by CDT, you need to register as a user or researcher. To register, please fill in the following form and send it to the CDT. We shall inform you of your user number within a few days.

Carné de usuario del CDT (Usuario general e Investigador)

Si quieres acceder a los servicios de préstamo, incluido el préstamo en línea de grabaciones teatrales TEATROTECA que te ofrece el CDT,  necesitas estar registrado en la modalidad de Usuario general o Investigador (ver abajo). En pocos días te comunicaremos tu número de usuario y tu clave de acceso.

Carné de usuario de la TEATROTECA (ESO-BACH.) (Docentes ESO y Bachillerato)

Si quieres acceder a la sección ESO y Bachillerato del servicio de préstamo en línea de grabaciones teatrales TEATROTECA, precisas estar registrado en la modalidad de usuario Docente de ESO y Bachillerato (ver abajo). En pocos días te comunicaremos tu número de usuario y tu clave de acceso.


User card

  • Theatre professionals (authors, actors, directors, stage designer, costume designers, lighting technicians, producers, distributors…).
  • Students who are studying for a degree or equivalent related to performing arts, in any aspect.
  • Members of legally established amateur theatre groups.

Researcher card

  • Members of Spanish National Academies and similar institutions from Spain and abroad.
  • Teaching staff assigned to universities and officially recognised drama schools of Spain, Latin America and the European Community.

  • Researchers from the CSICInstituto Cervantes and from similar institutions from Spain and abroad...
  • Third grade students and PhDs.

  • Members of the National Theatre council


Secondary and sixth form education teaching card (exclusively for the SECONDARY and SIXTH-FORM EDUCATION TEATROTECA section)

  • Teachers of official Education Centres of the Department of Language and Literature, who teach Secondary and Sixth-form levels.

Temporary pass

Users who do not meet the minimum requirements for a card can obtain a temporary 15 day pass, renewable while research is being carried out. The pass will give the right to consult data bases and CDT collections, but not the loan or collection reproduction services.

Those users wishing to obtain a card, but do not meet these requirements, should send in a professional curriculum, which will be studied by an appraisal commission.


The card will be valid for a period of three years.

Document Actions


Our research room has multimedia computer equipment and audiovisual cabins. Here you can consult any of the CDT collections..


Contact us to consult our databases, along with reproduction and lending services.

Lending Service

To access the books and recordings lending service, you must be registered in the CDT User Database.


The CDT provides users with a reproduction service of documents currently in our collections.