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The CDT has a multidisciplinary team of documentalists, librarians, archivists, theatre specialists, audiovisual technicians, photographers and administrative staff. The varied character of the team enables us to take on performing arts documentation in multiple facets: from collecting documents and their processing and analysis, to projects and resources intended for researchers, teachers, stage professionals, journalists and performing arts enthusiasts.






By the way

Managing the CDT, forty years after its creation, compels one to follow the example of (César Oliva, Moisés Pérez Coterillo, Andrés Peláez, Cristina Santolaria) who had such an impact on its history. Looking towards the present and future, also makes one face the challenge of confirming it as a benchmark institution, which by blending accuracy and innovation, offers the resources and services demanded by the stage today. It is the shared task of the team working day by day in the CDT. They all deserve my full praise.

Julio Huélamo


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